Cheap Land in Australia

Land is expensive in Australia. It’s hard to find a 1/4 acre block, as is so desirable as part of the Australian Dream, for under $100k. However, there are a few places in Australia that buck this trend. In fact, there are a few places where you can score a block for under $20,000.

Let me be straight up with you, there is a common theme amongst these places where you can buy cheap land.

– They tend to be in areas where there are few services
– They tend to be well away from capital cities and large regional centres; and
– They tend not to be in the prettiest places.

Here are two areas I have found with land listed at under $20,000:

Zeehan / Rosebery / Gormanston, Tasmania

Situated on the West Coast of Tasmania, Zeehan, Rosebery and Gormanston have one two things in common: their history is in mining and they ain’t what they use to be. The reason that the land in and around these towns is so cheap is to encourage people to move back. They’re largely holding on by a thread and need people to move in to survive.

Here’s an example of what’s on offer. You can get a 900m2 block in Gormanston for $10,000.

Pinnaroo, South Australia

Pinnaroo is a major towns in South Australia’s Murray Mallee region. And it’s actually quite well service. Sure, it is right on the border and hundreds of kilometres from anything, but it has everything most people will need. It has a hospital, a full-size Foodland supermarket, pubs, a bakery and a library. You’ll even be able to hook up to high-speed broadband!

An example of what you can buy in Pinnaroo for under 20 grand: 1012m2 of planet earth, connected to mains water, for $13,000.

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