Is There a Tiny House Movement in Australia?

The tiny house movement in Australia is barely existent. There are some people that live in small houses, but there isn’t a movement as such. The closest we have are a few off-gridders, usually living in cabins and shipping containers, and those that live in on-site caravans in holiday parks. Unfortunately, the latter at least, is usually an exploit associated with the marginal.

Well, I think we need to break down that stereotype in order to make this tiny house thing happen here in Australia. Living small and simple isn’t just for the poor or disenfranchised. Certainly, these people should be brought along for the ride. Rather than being promised–more like teased–with the Australian Dream, it seems much more practical to help them with the basics and show them that simple living is completely plausible and can lead to happiness. These people know very well about living only with the basics, they could teach us a thing or two.

The Australian Dream is not sustainable. It leads to social inequalities more than anything.

UPDATE: I just discovered Malcolm Holz. He has come up with a tiny (micro) house concept through his company, Hut Wheels. I shall write a dedicated post on this find within the next few days.

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