Tiny House Magazine

That’s right. Magazine. You read correctly! Kent Griswold of Tiny House Blog (I always think of National Lampoon when I hear his name) has just launched a new–virtual–magazine called Tiny House Magazine. Not a bad name, huh?

Kent gives the reason for the magazine on Tiny House Blog today: “The goal with the magazine is to reach a new audience via this new media.” I must say, it certainly has a lot of sex appeal about it that is sure to get the attention of the uninitiated. Kudos to Kent.

Stumbling across the tiny houses on the internet is one thing. Seeing a cover like the one below in the iBookstore is plain intriguing and is likely to rope ’em in.

Tiny House Magazine

He goes on to describe some of the benefits of virtual over physical magazine: “The Tiny House Magazine is an unique experience that takes advantage of the iPad’s interactive capabilities. Because it is connected to the internet it can take advantage of videos and other interactive web related formats. By simply clicking a play button you can view a video right within the magazine. It’s a whole new reading experience has the the ability to link to other websites and blogs!” Sure, not everybody has an iPad or compatible ereader, but that’s the way things are moving. Especially amongst the people the tiny house movement is targeting I think. These are people that are possibly getting rid of their vast book collections; they’re not subscribing to physical magazines or newspapers anymore–they’re consuming more media online. Virtual magazines are the way to go. I applaud it. Plus it makes economic sense.

Another very important point: by making the magazine virtual, it’s available to people all over the world, including Australia. If it were physical, I’m sure one would be hard pressed to find a copy here anytime soon. Save ordering it online and having it posted I suppose.

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  1. Darryl said:

    Great idea- I have all my planning ready for my Tiny House-Just completing current project-Would like a register of people building Tiny Houses-People who would be happy for a Tiny House on thier property
    Cheers Darryl

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