My name is GP. I currently live a relatively normal life and live in a normal size house. I own a business. I am partnered. And I yearn to build a tiny house and change my life dramatically. My partner is not keen, but we’ll see about that. Let this be my inspiration board, if you will. Also a place where I share my findings on my quest to smallness!

  1. Beth said:

    Thank you for the site. I’m a single female looking to build a house next year. Your regulations post was particularly helpful. Searching for information about this so much conflicting information!! I hope one day soon you can build the house of your dreams!!

    • Thanks for the comment Beth. I have more to come on the regulatory climate here in Australia. 🙂

  2. Beth said:

    Great!! Look forward to it!! Aiming to build fenci next year. Tumbleweed are interested in me documenting the whole process for a book they are doing! Apparently I’m one of the first in oz. But my main problem is where to build it any ideas???

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