It’s tempting to say that a tiny house is a kind of house. A house that is of a certain size, colour and style. But it’s more broad than that. I should rephrase the question really, to What is the tiny house movement? Because that’s the reality of it, it’s more movement than a type of house.

So, what is the tiny house movement?

I think The Tiny Life says it best; “[It] is a social movement where people are downsizing the space that they live in. Tiny Houses come in all shapes, sizes and forms but they focus on smaller spaces, simplified living”. It’s a “way of life”, to borrow from the cliche.

Sure, most tiny houses look very similar. So it could be said that they are a certain size, colour and style. The typical American tiny house tends to be about 4.5×2.5m, has a loft bedroom and a small bathroom and kitchenette at the back, under the loft. The outside is clad in beautiful dark timber siding. The roof is pitched with a cute little gable. But that’s arbitrary. It’s more about the people that live in them, and their philosophy, than the thing they choose to live in.

The Tiny Life believes that tiny living encompasses:

Tiny Houses
Life Simplification
Environmental Consciousness
Self Sufficiency
Sound Fiscal Plans
Social Consciousness


Firstly, let me clarify that Oz means Australia. Not the place where the Wizard was. Ok, now that is out of the way on with the show.

So why did I start this website? Well, Australia hasn’t really caught onto the Tiny House Revolution so I thought it could start here. Most Australian’s don’t really know what a tiny house is. For those that do, they will know that it is more than just a small house. It’s a type of small house. And it’s not a caravan…

The Tiny House Revolution is taking off in the USA. I follow no less than 50 blogs by people that have built, are building, or intend to build a tiny house. It’s such an inspiration and its the reason why I started this blog. I want to see the same thing happen here.

So why a tiny house? Well, most people choose a tiny house as a key component of a simpler life. They also choose a tiny house so they don’t have to get a mortgage. Tiny houses are much cheaper to build than most normal size houses. And many choose a tiny house to make a statement against the American, or in this case, Australian Dream.

I like that thinking.

What will you find here at Tiny Houses in Australia? All things tiny house but in an Australian or general context. I will punctuate the blog with stuff from overseas but I intend to bring it back to Australia as best I can.