When you think tiny house, it’s easy to thing tiny amount of storage. This can be very true, but it comes down to good design. The Tiny Life wrote this about storage:

Don’t forget storage! Look at what you own, decide what’s important to you and plan, plan, plan for it in your design. Not only will this allow you to organize your space more readily once you move in, you’ll also notice how open your space can feel with the right amount of organization. We did not design storage in to La Casita and it has caused a lot of headaches for us. As we’ve come to find out, it’s easy to feel cluttered in a tiny house and I will never again underestimate the enjoyment of an organized space.

To which I added:

Tip #4: Storage – The great thing about most tiny houses is that they have built in furniture. This creates great opportunities for incorporating storage. Take a look at your standard couch. They have a really large footprint and a useless amount of space underneath. Whereas a built in couch can incorporate a huge amount of space underneath and all sorts of cool drawer systems, etc.

When I design my tiny house I am going to purposely make the couch high and deep, to allow for maximum storage space underneath. Also the bed.

The first part of The Tiny Life’s tip is a good one: decide what stuff is important to you. If you design your storage system without doing this it could be tempting to build tonnes and tonnes of space into your tiny house and hoarding stuff you don’t really care about. This will sacrifice living space and could lead to all sorts of problems down the track.

My tip for sorting your stuff: be brutal and intelligent. The Simplicity Collective published a great article yesterday called, How To Live Simply: The De-Junking GuideNot only does it share tips, but it analyses the reasons why we hold onto stuff in the first place. Burch believes that “material things also help us remember significant events and relationships”. Sure, not everyone that chooses tiny living wants to be a minimalist. But I am sure most would probably want to get rid of some of their junk and clutter. And this is very important when it comes to storage in a tiny house.

With the shipping container design I am throwing around, I envisage a built-in couch at one end, about 750mm deep x 500mm high; with some sort of door or curtain across the front. This will be where I store stockpiled food, camping gear, etc. The bed will be down the other end and will hold about double the amount of storage. This along with some shelving and a cupboard for clothes will probably be enough.